The chemical sector in Europe is one of the largest and most diverse sectors in the world. It provides virtually all sectors of the economy with innovative and sustainable solutions to the challenges facing the economy and the environment today. With its network of multinational players and a large number of SME’s, the chemical industry fulfills a leading role in innovation. From sustainable process technology to the switch to bio-based feedstock, to re-using and recycling waste streams, to the production of advanced materials; the European chemical sector is a force to be reckoned with.

PNO Consultants engages in supporting European institutions, sector organisations and technology platforms, industries and research institutes with innovation in Europe’s chemical sector. We do that by developing visions and roadmaps, supporting the EU’s innovation policies and funding programmes. For example, we developed the SPIRE roadmap for eight sector organisations in Europe, under the lead of the EU’s Sustainable Chemistry Technology Platform. We are also involved in a large number of projects in innovative process technology and circular economy, promoting innovation in advanced materials an biobased economy, and stimulating market uptake of different products and processes. We aim to boost the industry’s ability to provide worldwide sustainable solutions.