PNO secure over £1M of grant funding for clients in the January 2022 Smart Grants competition

We are pleased to announce that we have secured over £1 million of grant funding from the Innovate UK Smart Grants January 2022 competition on behalf of our clients. The successfully awarded projects cover a range of innovations including the use of Artificial Intelligence for waste & recycling through to advanced materials and membrane technology for water filtration, clearly demonstrating the full breadth of ideas supported by the open Smart Grants scheme.

This round also gave PNO the opportunity to explore new approaches to the positioning of bids in terms of product innovations, market commercialization and external impacts, three sections of the Smart application which we believe are now a bigger focus within the newly relaunched Smart Grants programme.

Our new approach to these questions has paid off resulting in some of the highest scores achieved by us on behalf of our clients in recent rounds of the highly competitive Smart Grants competition.

Get Smart on the new Smart Grants

You can learn more about the changes to Smart and how PNO will accommodate these into our approach to grant writing in our article Get Smart on the New Smart Grants.

We would be happy to share our knowledge and experience of Smart Grants in further detail and welcome the opportunity to qualify any project ideas with you ahead of the next Smart Grants round which closes on the 27th July 2022. Find out more on our  Smart Grants – page.