The BIO-TIC project has an ambitious goal: driving technological innovation and building solid foundations for a growing industrial biotechnology sector in the EU. This €2.8 million project (€2 million funded by the European Commission) is built on three pillars: an online industrial biotech community, an assessment of biomass and sustainability in industrial biotech, and an action plan for industrial biotech in Europe.

About the BIO-TIC project

BIO-TIC comprises 12 project partners. Given that the consortium cannot possibly have all the answers, the BIO-TIC process actively encourages stakeholder participation and involvement. Visit project’s website where you can share your opinion and help the BIO-TIC partners draw an accurate picture of industrial biotechnology and its future in Europe.

Project objectives

The sustainability and biomass flows in the bioeconomy pillar work towards providing two important tools: one to develop a methodology for understanding how much biomass is used in the European bioeconomy and one to collect and show sustainability data of a series of biobased products.

The Industrial Biotech Platform

The online industrial biotech community is the go-to web platform for industrial biotechnology experts and companies who want to exchange on the subject, discuss funding opportunities, showcase their talent and products and ultimately drive the European bioeconomy.

The action plan for industrial biotech in Europe focuses on market, R&D and non-technological aspects of the technology to draw up recommendations for overcoming barriers to industrial biotechnology in the EU.