Agro & Bioeconomy

The Agro Food sector is one of the most essential sectors in the world, providing for millions in Europe. Bioeconomy or biobased economy is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. The market for biobased products is expected to increase to 50 billion euro in 2030; a predicted growth of no less than 7 percent per year. Even so, the challenges in the sector increase nearly as rapidly as our understanding of its potential benefits does. Cost-competitiveness of biobased products in Europe is still not up to par with fossil-based alternatives. End-users often do not see the benefits of biobased products. And scaling up proves to be a challenge, both in technology and (inter)national policies.

PNO Consultants has been at the heart of these turbulant sectors. We recognise the immense potential of the biobased economy and aim to contribute to a solid foundation for a thriving European Agro & Bio sector. In Agro & Bioeconomy, we are involved in cutting-edge food and agriculture advancements: preventing food-related diseases, reducing waste flows, and promoting sustainability through fermentation or heat transfer processes. We develop visions and roadmaps and provide policy advice and studies. In the BIO-TIC project, we advised the European Commission on a roadmap for the bioeconomy. We also contribute by conceptualizing projects, finding the right partners, providing advice on public funding opportunities, writing proposals, and supporting organisations throughout the implementation phase. We strive to connect ideas and ambitions of the biggest players in these sectors, in order to stimulate further development of Agro & Bioeconomy.