Every innovation starts with one good idea and a lot of passion. Those are traits we recognise because, being part of the PNO Group, we started out the same way. From these start-up roots, the group have grown to become market leader in innovation and funding services in Europe, with offices in seven European countries. Within PNO R&D Advisory Service, our innovation experts have helped countless clients to strengthen their innovation processes. This makes us experienced discussion partners for start-ups, SMEs, multinationals, RTOs and research institutions when it comes to optimising research and innovation processes.


We are by your side to support your Research, Development and Innovation process: from R&D process optimisation and strategy definition up to technology scouting, RD&I concept definition and to execution of your innovation projects. Our experts help you conceive, analyse, develop, finance and implement your innovation process and ideas. We connect you to our network of relevant projects and partners, boosting your innovation. We identify technologies and stakeholders, assist in consortium building, support technology transfer and go-to-market strategies and disseminate results to the right communities.


We underpin our services portfolio with unique state-of-art intelligence tools and combine big-data with a vast network of top innovators to benefit your innovation process. We mine millions of global patents, publicly funded projects and partners as well as scientific papers, to spot market-technology trends, map the innovation eco-system and scout technologies as well as solutions providers. All with the aim to help you make better-informed decisions, define effective strategies and R&D technological choices and boost the return of your R&D investments.