R&D process optimization

You are a seasoned innovator with numerous successful innovations to your name. How could it be otherwise: you have been around for years and the RD&I process has no secrets for you. But still…

You can do better

Have you ever thought about sharpening your research, development and innovation process itself? You might be surprised how much there is still to win. In the sense of a more efficient and effective process, and therefore also in terms of higher results and value for your organisation. Here is how we help you with this.

Benchmarking and workflow optimisation

We assess and score innovation processes on key RD&I performance metrics via PNO’s proprietary methodology. This to define practical process optimisation measures which will align your Research, Development and Innovation process with a better return on investment.

Increase R&D capabilities

We identify knowledge and capability gaps and provide access to synergetic R&D top performers beyond the traditional value chain to improve the effectiveness and impact of R&D efforts.

IT Tools

We offer a highly innovative R&D information system that provides a one-stop-shop solution to access, organise, analyse and share the data and information needed for a data-driven R&D process.

Keeping it together

You probably know better than anyone how complex a research, development and innovation process can be, and how all aspects can influence each other. Well, then you might want to take a look at how we see things. By carefully coordinating all parts of the process, they reinforce each other and therefore also the outcome of the process. This way we can help you get an even better grip on your innovation process and make it deliver optimised and high-value innovation. Over and over again.