R&D funnel and projects

We inspire ideation processes with unique data-driven intelligence and proactive support to improve the R&D funnel, from the discovery of novel developments to translating innovation opportunities in structured R&D project concepts. This is our approach.

Ideation and structuring R&D projects

We use our proprietary data-bases with global innovation knowledge to fuel and support ideation. We do so by presenting relevant novel R&D trends, research results and patents in relation to our clients’ innovation strategy. We prioritize the most promising ideas and and turn them into new R&D project concepts.

Funding impactful innovations

We use our unparalleled funding knowledge and track-record to translate funding strategies into high-quality (international) R&D partnerships, projects, and proposals with unmatched success rates.

Developing go-to-market strategies

We foster impact of our clients (funded) R&D project outputs by developing effective go-to-market strategies, using state of art tools and analysis, such as value proposition maps, (lean) business model canvas, market trend analysis and design follow-up funding strategies.