Effective Open innovation

Innovating is something you do alone. That is your motto. Why involve others in a good idea? You don’t give it away, do you? Unless you want to benefit from other parties’ knowledge. Unless you are open to completely new insights and unless you welcome extra capacity. In that case, we welcome you to a safe and open innovation environment.

Together you are stronger

“Combining internal and external sources for developing and marketing new technologies and products”. If this is done right, the synergetic effects of open innovation are immense.  In terms of an increased output from R&D, a faster innovation process, a stronger business model and in the end more value for your organisation. This is how the open innovation principle will work for you.

Technology evaluation and scouting

Of course you know where to start, but we can help you filling the gaps and defining your technological challenges. We identify the technology and related solution providers that will allow you to innovate without reinventing the wheel. And yes, if you like we connect you to them.

Linking to R&D projects and innovators

We map international R&D eco-systems and key innovators in the market to spot partnership opportunities. We create partnerships and project initiatives to which we link our clients, with the aim to boost their open innovation potential and funding opportunities.

You might want to take a look at this

Innovation PlaceTake a look at InnovationPlace, our Open Innovation platform supporting collaborative research through the matching of pre-screened R&D projects, qualified organisations, and public funding opportunities. Here you can access information on European and national funding programmes for research and innovation, browse project ideas and collaboration opportunities, or search for an innovation. Among many other things.