Report: is there a business case for solar aided hybrid vehicles?

With the report “A technology-intelligence based market outlook for solar aided hybrid vehicles” an interesting attempt is being made to come up with a business case and to support the development of the LIFE SAVE Hybrid Solar Kit product. To get an impression of the full report you can download the summary here.

Focus on a niche sector

The report summarises the keynotes from an original and holistic combination of market outlook and technology intelligence, addressing the niche topic of Solar Cars. Starting from briefly introducing the policy context and market motivation for Solar Cars in the broader landscape of green mobility drivers, the report focusses on this niche sector, in order to define its potential and trends.

To build the market outlook, we defined our own companies benchmark and elaborated on vehicles sales projections, also looking at several secondary sources. On the other hand, the technology intelligence used PNO’s proprietary databases and methodologies. It looks into a mixed innovation scoreboard (e.g .funding and IP) to finally highlight those organisations at the core of the technological development. The combined effect defines a comprehensive overview, possibly providing the information for a next step into this sector for an interested stakeholder.

Life Save

This LIFE-SAVE report is funded by the European LIFE program for the development and industrialization of a system to convert cars into hybrid-solar vehicles, with very low costs compared to purchase of a new hybrid or electric vehicle. The purpose of the project LIFE-SAVE, started in September 2017 and to be completed in 2021, is to produce a version of this technology ready to be placed on the market (TRL=9). At the same time, the qualifying objective of LIFE-SAVE is to encourage the creation of a corporate body among the project partners to continue the industrialization and marketing of the product.

More information

For more information on the report, contact our LIFE-SAVE expert Marco Molica Colella.