Report: PNO Open Innovation and scouting services boosts BioVoice

PNO Open Innovation and scouting services boosts BioVoice Innovation programme to solve innovation challenges for 10 multinationals. Corporate challengers pre-select 46 technology solutions out of 105 to improve bio- and circular processes.

The power of Open Innovation

We believe in Open Innovation! In faster, more successful innovation by working with start-ups & scale ups. According to the European Commission and the European patent office up to 30% of all expenditure in R&D is wasted on redeveloping inventions (“Why researchers should case about patents” EU Patent Office), representing 25 Billion EUR is waste each year in the EU in duplicating research and development work already carried our elsewhere.

The difficulty is in finding those solution providers that meet the challenge. In already the 3rd edition of BioVoice PNO used its unique data-driven intelligence platform and innovation expertise to efficiently scout solution providers that match the needs of 12 different innovation challenges;

  • Cargill – Discovering alternative technology to demineralize glucose-fructose syrups with reduced use of chemicals and water. Finding bio-based and biodegradable fertilizer coatings that make use of Cargill’s grainbased starches and vegetable oilbased waxes.
  • Carbogenamcis – How to dewater our biomass more economically and energy-efficiently? How can we convert an aqueous sodium sulfate solution into something useful?
  • Cosun – Will you help us find high-grade applications for our unique digestate?
  • Dow Chemical – looking for a solution to help all parties in the value chain load bulk trucks with zero pellets loss
  • Efteling – looking for a waste separation technology to collect PET packaging and cans for recycling
  • RENEWI – How can we remove small glas- and plastic particles from our organic waste?
  • Sabic – How can we prevent, reduce, or valorise the lime sludge waste resulting from the production of demineralised water?
  • Sagro – convert discarded fibreglass-reinforced composites into new high-grade raw materials?
  • Saver – How can we effectively and sustainably control weeds on paved surfaces without using chemicals?
  • ZorgSaam – How to give a second life to the waste stream containing cellulose and plastics from our hospital?

More than 10 SME and start-up solution providers per challenge were discovered, analysed and prioritised, leading to over 100 pitches of which 46 have now been pre-selected the corporate challenge owners to discuss an innovation collaboration to apply, adapt and integrate novel solution to improve environmental impact while boosting business opportunities. That’s what we call “the Power of Open Innovation!”


BioVoice is an initiative of REWIN West-Brabant, Green Chemistry Campus, the Province of North Brabant and Rabobank. Dockwize, Impuls Zeeland, Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy and Midpoint Brabant have since joined as implementation partners. BioVoice is made possible by financial contributions from the Regional Deal for Central and Western Brabant, the Province of North Brabant, the Province of Zeeland and Rabobank. For detailed info on the BioVoice programme please read the presentation.

More information

For more information on PNO’s efficient Open Innovation scouting support please contact one of our Open Innovation experts Chiara De Marco, Jeroen Baardolf or Ron Weerdmeester.