Augmented PNO

PNO AugmentedFrom ambition to impact with PNO augmented reality

PNO’s services range from helping you determine your goals up to and including their realisation: from ambition to impact. When it comes to innovation, we are the place to go. We have advised and supported companies and organisations with their innovation plans since 1985. We were already innovative back then, and continue to be so today!

You can now experience all steps in your innovation cycle and our services in augmented reality. The AR experience gives you not only an addition to reality, but also provides clarity about the steps you need to take to successfully market your innovation.

Do you want to experience your innovation steps and our services in augmented reality?

Making plans, arranging financing, executing plans and then: success! It sounds so simple. But in practice, you have to do a million things to get there. Especially when it comes to innovation, PNO has a lot of experience. This experience you can now see in augmented reality. And – here is where it gets interesting for you – especially how we translate our experience into clear steps you can take on your innovation path. Our consultants would be happy to share this augmented reality experience with you. All you have to do is make an (informal) appointment. Afterward, you can also download the app yourself for iOs or Android.