EIT Food

EIT Food is Europe’s leading food innovation initiative, working to make the food system more sustainable, healthy and trusted. We were asked to support the institute in designing and deploying an ROI-oriented approach, as well as mechanisms on funded R&D projects. Also we assessed over 60 EIT funded ‘exploiting parties’ (start-ups, scale-ups and large industries) on their go-to-market strategies and ROI related to key exploitable results, and we negotiated ROI agreements between EIT Food and exploiting parties.

The steps that we took

When fundamental changes such as this are needed, training and guidance is also an important part of approach:

  • we provided training webinars on subjects such as business modelling, planning and go-to-market strategies related to the output of EIT funded key exploitable results
  • we reviewed the ROI mechanisms proposed by partners of innovation projects and provide them with the minimum requirements expected to enable a risk-adjusted and fair ROI mechanism
  • followed up with exploiting parties and provided support in identifying key exploitable results, business models
  • negotiated a fair and realistic revenue model, based on a collaborative and iterative pproach
  • we prepared and edited specific project agreements and ROI term sheets with over 40 innovation projects and
  • evaluated results of negotiation rounds and
  • provide strategic advise to EIT Food on creating a semi-revolving fund to improve long term sustainability and impact of EIT Food funding.


The global challenges in the food sector are huge and funding is key. For that reason alone we are particularly proud of the outline and financial support tool for ROI through a revolving fund concept. Next to the over 60 go-to-market assessments of funded innovative food R&D projectsand more then 40 specific project agreements and ‘term s’heets for ROI on funded R&D projects.


If the above information inspires to dive deeper into the possibilities of creating your own fund, then our colleagues of INNFLOW (that assisted us in this EIT Food project) are happy to be of assistance. Have a look at their website  or contact one of our specialists.