EIT Urban Mobility Funding & Finance Guide

Client: EIT Urban Mobility – Initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)

Assignment: Development and Implementation of the Study on access to public funding and finance for strategic urban mobility projects.

The steps that we took

  • Carry out an exhaustive scan and analysis of the public funding programmes related to urban mobility at regional, national, and European level in all EU member states. The grant scan included four funding type categories:
    • Subsidies (including European, national, regional subsidies, tax incentives)
    • Debt (including public & private loans, subordinated loans, bonds)
    • Equity (including business angels, venture capital, institutional investors, (public) participation funds, stocks)
    • Alternatives (including crowdfunding)
  • Perform a detailed analysis of the identified urban mobility-related funding programmes to extract the most relevant information and align the results with the EIT KIC Urban Mobility objectives and activities.
  • Acquisition of complementary information from national and European funding authorities.
  • Access mechanisms & guidelines development with complementary information on how to access the urban mobility-related funding programmes (requirements, eligibility criteria), as well as detailed guidelines including best practices to interact with the funding agency and to prepare the proposals, access to background information (related projects, patents, activities…), recommended proposal preparation schedule, recommendations in consortium building, etc.


  • The Urban Mobility Funding Guide – Practical handbook for public funding to scale urban mobility solutions.


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