Horizon Results Booster

As a subcontractor of META Group, the Horizon Results Booster project coordinator, we provided multiple European funded projects with expert support in designing effective exploitation strategies, business models and go to market strategies to boost the impact of their RD&I results. Interesting detail: we had 45 PNO expert consultants involved!

The steps that we took

A project like this is characterised by three steps, which aare then split into many small sub-steps:

  • strengthening beneficiaries’ capacity to improve their exploitation strategy providing guidance and training on the use of tools such as Value Proposition Maps, Lean Business Model Canvas to:
    • review of the project key exploitable results
    • revise, complement and clarify existing exploitation plans of project results and/or outline exploitation paths of results
    • techniques to identify all relevant stakeholders in the exploitation value chain
    • support to perform a risk analysis related to the exploitation of results
  • bring results closer to the market by supporting effective business plan development, including:
    • market analyses
    • business strategies
    • operations plans
    • competitor identification and analyses
    • clear action plans and time-to-market estimations
  • identifying and/or addressing potential obstacles to the exploitation of project results and reach commercialisation: coaching, mentoring, and contacts with the market stakeholders regarding:
    • business services – co-designing a plan for commercial development, feasibility studies to assess potential business plans
    • examining exploitation/business implementation options
    • introduction to non-EU funding opportunities available and support in your application.


A project like this, with its 45 PNO experts and almost 60 PNO-services used, gives us extra satisfaction when the project meets the expectations of the client. Well, feedback from the HRB service beneficiaries highlight very high levels of appreciation for the quality of the support received and beneficiaries appreciated PNO experts’ skills, experience, knowledge and competence showed in the service delivery.


Naturally, we are not in this to sell 60 or more services. Our approach is symbiotic to your needs, and that is what makes the difference. Do you wnt to know more about our services or our organisation? Take a look at our services or contact one of our R&D Innovation specialists.