ZorgTech (IPZT)

The innovation programme ZorgTech (Care Technology) has been set up to enable promising innovations to find their way to the healthcare sector more quickly. Medical Delta is one of the partners behind this innovation programme. We were invited to help them define whether the current roadmap for this program is in line with other existing roadmaps concerning this sector.

The steps that we took

To realise this, we

  • we performed qualitative and quantitative analyses of stakeholders (interviews, Wheesbee) to determine the innovation barrieres and needs of medtech companies in the South Holland area
  • mapped the current funding options and advised on a new to be developed grant scheme for strengthening companies in the region
  • compared the roadmap of IPZT with regional, national and European roadmaps; a final new roadmap was made by partner company BeBright, based on the intelligence we generated
  • did a high-over funding scan for both public and private funding, to see if there were any funding gaps specifically in this sector and specifically for companies
  • analysed all medtech companies in the South Holland area (for this we used the unique Wheesbee search engine, as well as Crunchbase, a questionnaire and our WBSO database) specifically for characteristics such as
    • company size and turnover
    • company focus and research topics
    • participation in research projects
    • TRL of innovations
    • contacts
  • adviced on a future grant scheme for the IPZT


Ultimately, the most important deliverables of this project where a new roadmap which we developed together with partner BeBright, as well as an advice on how a future funding and support instrument should be set up.


Do you represent an innovative sector and are you in need of an (updated) roadmap to tackle the challenges aheaad? With our extensive expertise and big data-based each engine Wheesbee we can help you with that. Just contact us for more information.

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