Life Save

Life-Save is an EU LIFE-funded project for the development and industrialization of a system to convert cars into hybrid-solar vehicles, with very low costs compared to purchase of a new hybrid or electric vehicle. For SOLBIAN ENERGIE ALTERNATIVE SRL we supported the go-to-market strategy of the products developed within this project, giving them solid inputs for strategic decisions and investor relations.

The steps that we took

In this case, providing our client with in-depth insight into technology trends and developments was of great importance to the success of their product development. Here are some steps that we took:

  • gathering of relevant information and designing the framework of the analysis
  • looking into secondary data with ad-hoc desktop research
  • building relevant benchmarks of competitors and users exploring our innovation databases
  • analysing technology developments and providing connection with market information
  • plotting the relevant innovations and competition on our R&D maps
  • completing an upside market potential estimation and setting up the structure for a business plan
  • developing presentations, datasheets and a comprehensive report.


Our activities led to an up-to-date market and technology outlook for strategic decisions and the support of specific project deliverables.


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