Active in the field of personalised medicine? Participate!

PNO recently published an ePaper analysing the innovation financing trends of the European Commission regarding personalised medicine. We are now developing projects in this field and are looking for partners that want to join international innovation initiatives.

Download the ePaper.

Technological and scientific developments, among others within molecular biology and genetics, have allowed for increased personalisation of healthcare treatments. The potential benefits of personalised medicine are vast: increased treatment efficacy and a decrease of unwanted side-effects will improve patient recovery and can greatly reduce healthcare costs.

Great advances are under way, such as stratification of cancer patients based on cancer type and personal genetics, and treatment protocols distinguishing different patient groups by characteristics such as age, gender, or ethnicity. However, most treatment protocols do not currently include personalised approaches. It is therefore that governmental bodies such as the European Commission have personalised medicine high on the agenda.

Within PNO, a team of life science experts focusses on trends, key players, and opportunities within the field of personalised medicine. We have observed that the European Commission is going to use their H2020 SC1 program to stimulate research, network formation, and implementation of innovation within the field of personalised medicine. To stay on top of developments and to keep successfully collaborating with existing and new partners active in this field, we want to pro-actively respond to this societal and political trend. We will in particular focus on the establishment and support of networks between regions in different European countries.

We are currently establishing collaborations at regional level(s) in the Netherlands with the goal of creating critical mass of medical and personalised medicine expertise. Relevant expertise can – but not exclusively – entail genomics, metabolomics, me-Health, and telemedicine. Our initiative can therefore be of interest to all players along the value chain of personalised medicine. While our initial focus lies on establishing collaboration and critical mass within the Netherlands, foreign organisations are welcome to already show their interest in the project.

PNO will actively align the interests of partners and stakeholders to match them to priorities in the European Horizon2020 scheme. Our aim is to help catalyse and accelerate your innovation potential in personalized medicine.

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