AgriChemWhey at the launch of the Bioeconomy Foundation in Lisheen

Today a launch of the Irish Bioeconomy Foundation is taking place in Lisheen. PNO is a member of the AgrichemWhey consortium and we are present at the launch as well. Over 200 bioeconomy stakeholders are present with us today.

The location for today is very special; it is a former mine in Lisheen that is now converted into an Irish National Bioeconomy campus. Not only that, but this former mine is also the site of the future AgriChemWhey biorefinery.

AgriChemWhey project

AgriChemWhey is an EU-funded flagship project enhancing circular bioeconomy approach to agriculture and agro-food wastes. To learn more about the project, you can visit the dedicated project website.

AgriChemWhey and PNO in Ireland  National Bioeconomy camp Lisheen