Call for bio-based or circular innovations


How can the chromium content of salt and brine be reduced? How to achieve 100% reuse of waste water? How can the grey discolouration of potato products be prevented? For these and six other inspiring questions, we call on innovators – on behalf of a number of large production companies – to come up with groundbreaking ideas.

BioVoice Open Innovation Challenges

PNO Consultants is involved in the BioVoice Open Innovation Challenges programme as a scout of parties who can offer a solution for nine circular and bio-based innovation challenges. We are looking for companies with innovative solutions in the form of a product, process or technology. The best match receives a voucher of 20,000 euros, comes into contact with large industrial parties and is given the opportunity to realise the solution.

The challenges

To help you determine whether this is of interest to you, we place the list of challenges below, and the companies that have submitted them:

  1. How can we ecologically prevent the macro pollution (mussels and oysters) in our seawater cooling system? (DOW)
  2. How can we reduce chromium levels in salt/brine? (DOW)
  3. Which Industrial applications are there for wheat protein? (Cargill)
  4. Phosphate recovery from a semi-dry wheat product stream (Cargill)
  5. Who has a biobased alternative for the raw material of our design flower pots? (CAPI Europe)
  6. A sustainable application for hydrogen that will ultimately yield more than burning it as an alternative to natural gas (SABIC)
  7. How can we clean and reuse 100% of our wastewater? (Cargill)
  8. How can we make the most of the pectine in sugar beet pulp? (Cosun)
  9. How can we counteract the grey discolouration of our potato products in a more environmentally friendly way? (LambWeston)

Want to know more?

Are you an innovator and, when reading these challenges, are the ideas already bubbling up? Then contact us on +31 (0)88-8381381 or send us a message with your contact details. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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