H2020 FARMŸNG: 1st EU Flagship project won by a French start-up for €20 million!

As part of the European H2020 Bio Based Economy (BBI JU) programme, the FARMŸNG project won the call for the construction of an alternative protein biorefinery. Supported by ŸNSECT, a start-up company specialising in the production of natural insect proteins, the technology consists of an industrial production of nutritional resources from TENEBRIO MOLITOR insects. PNO Consultants has set up the entire application for the BBI F2 call and is now a partner in the project as a leader in the dissemination and exploitation of results activities.


A French, European and world premiere

Ÿnsect is the first French company to win a project of this scale supported by Europe and highly competitive. But it is also the first time that the European Commission and the BBI JU have financed a start up at this level to launch an industrial project.

The objective of the Ÿnsect company is to make insects an essential resource for feeding farmed and domestic animals, in a context of growing global demand for proteins.

The Bio-Based Industries Programme (BBI JU) is a PPP (Public-Private Partnership) which aims to increase investment in the development of a sustainable organic industrial sector in Europe, by supporting demonstration projects (Demo) and flagship actions (Flagship).

With about twenty European partners, the FARMŸNG project is dedicated to the realization of an industrial-scale biorefinery to produce 3 types of co-products: protein flour, oil and fertilizers.  The production level targeted by Ÿnsect of 1,500 tonnes per month makes FARMŸNG the first insect biorefinery in the world!

PNO Consultants, a project partner in support of innovation

As the European leader in innovation advisory services, PNO Consultants was involved in setting up the project and creating the consortium. PNO Consultants will continue to apply its innovation expertise throughout the project to:

  • Project Governance
  • Conducting a stakeholder analysis
  • Dissemination of results
  • Exploitation of results and Business Plan

Find all the information on the FARMŸNG project on its CORDIS page.