OPERANDUM – Stakeholder Engagement Meeting 25-27 February at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris

This week, our consultants Marijn Mulder, Esmee Kooijman (PNO) and Lorenza Carabba from PNO Ciaotech were at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris for the OPERANDUM Stakeholder Engagement Strategy meeting.

OPERANDUM is a European H2020 project that aims to demonstrate the effectiveness and acceptance of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) to reduce water and weather-related risks and increase the market uptake of such solutions. In 10 ‘Open-Air Laboratories’ (OALs), of which 7 are in the EU, site-specific NBS will be co-designed with stakeholders at different levels. Defining a common strategy for stakeholder engagement that includes tactics, formats, ethical rules and indicators for monitoring, is therefore of high importance.

During the meeting in Paris, OAL leaders shared their results with stakeholder involvement until now and result on stakeholder characteristics were shared, in order to start tailoring the engagement strategy for the project overall and specifically for the local context of the OALs. PNO Group has an important role in the engagement of stakeholders in the project, as well as in communication, dissemination and exploitation of the project’s results. We presented the results on the mapping of stakeholder groups and an analysis of their interest and needs in the context of the project. Based on these results, PNO presented on how to conduct a ‘stakeholder journey’ as part of OPERANDUM’s dissemination and communication strategy. The goal of these journeys is to get stakeholders from the awareness to the contribution phase, in order to be able to co-design nature-based solutions locally.

The final strategy will be published at OPERANDUM website this summer and could be used as a guideline for co-designing and co-developing activities in other projects focusing on nature-based solutions.

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