Phosphorus Inorganic Nitrogen flame retardants: a market opportunity to meet EU plastic recycling targets

Phosphorus Inorganic Nitrogen flame retardants: a new report from PNO R&D Advisory Services

After one year of work, we are proud to present a brand-new report from PNO R&D Advisory Services. In A study of the state-of-the-art and potential impact of Phosphorus, Inorganic and Nitrogen Flame Retardants (PIN FRs) on plastic recycling”, we deep dive into the emerging potential of PIN flame retardants. With a global consumption over 2.39 million tons in 2019, and driven by the growing trend to replace old, halogenated, flame retardants, they are potentially becoming the leading segment in the flame-retardant market of the next future!

The present study offers a qualitative and objective overview of the current recycling trends and policy targets which can push PIN FRs, also discussing with a pool of international experts what are the barriers to be overcome. The team has investigated and identified general technology and market trends, supporting a better understanding of the priorities and R&D efforts put in place by both industry (product designers and recyclers) and academia, considering economic, technical and legislative perspectives.

Our original analysis consists of a technology intelligence, and looks at a mixed corpus of selected R&D literature related to PIN FR and their recycling technologies, resulting in an overview of the key players and stakeholders in this market.

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