European innovation and grants consultancies PNO Consultants and ARTTIC have joined forces. The two companies will enable each other to optimize their service delivery in both quality and quantity. Together, the combination consolidates a strong presence in Europe.

A perfect match in expertise and network

PNO and ARTTIC complement each other in multiple ways. ARTTIC has developed extensive knowledge and experience in coordinating and participating in large-scale EU-funded collaborative projects. With a strong base in France and Germany and a leading position in the high-tech sectors aerospace and security, the company fits perfectly with PNO Consultants – the latter being a seasoned network-oriented consultancy organization with a wide spectrum of services in the field of grants, innovation and compliance and a strong position in the sectors life sciences & health and energy, climate & environment.


Serving our clients even better in realizing their innovation ambitions

According to Paolo Salvatore, PNO board member, ARTTIC’s long-standing experience in research and innovation ventures is a valuable incentive for PNO’s constant pursuit of serving its clients optimally. “ARTTIC’s strengths rely on its focus on collaborative R&D projects, its specialization in the full cycle of project implementation and its leading position in the security and aerospace sectors. Our combined expertise, geographical coverage and broad spectrum of services enable us to better meet the increasing market demand for an extensive range of grants and consulting services. We can now serve our clients even better in realizing their innovation ambitions.”


Excited and impatient

Annette Ringwald, managing director at ARTTIC, is convinced that PNO and ARTTIC will truly inspire each other. “I am very happy about the new PNO and ARTTIC combination, since I really think both parties complement each other in expertise and portfolio, to the benefit of our clients. During the preceding talks I noticed a real mutual understanding about our markets and strategy, which I found very inspiring indeed. Being able to further expand our brands and at the same time take advantage of each other’s knowledge and strengths, makes me feel excited and even a bit impatient to see what we can achieve together.”


Building on strong brands

Over the last 30+ years, both ARTTIC and PNO have acquired a robust and independent position in the European market for grants and innovation consultancy. While optimally utilizing the synergistic benefits, the combination will further expand its position based on both strong brands.


About PNO

With offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom, PNO has a solid base to offer its grants, innovation and compliance services to clients from all over Europe and beyond. PNO Consultants contribute to large-scale changes by assisting more than 2,000 organisations and 4,000 research clients and partners yearly. Its stable network connects stakeholders from different sectors, domains and countries, including academic organisations, research institutes, SMEs and large industries. PNO offers a wide spectrum of services in the field of grants, innovation and compliance and holds a strong position in the sectors life sciences & health and energy, climate & environment.



ARTTIC assists clients from all business and research sectors, small and large, private and public, to ensure the success of their collaborative research & innovation ventures. During close to 32 years of success, ARTTIC developed and demonstrated expertise in the set-up and management of to date 400 large-scale ambitious projects of which 96 were successful under H2020 calls. Based on its long-standing experience in a range of funding programmes across scientific and technological domains, ARTTIC helps clients to move from strategic plans to effective competitive research and development of innovative solutions, resulting in successful applications and businesses. Founded in Paris in 1987, ARTTIC now maintains offices in France (Paris and Toulouse), Belgium (Brussels), Germany (Munich and Berlin), England (Derby) and Israel (Tel Aviv).