PNO-supported diaper recycling plant opens

A very special plant has been officially taken into operation on 25 October: the first industrial-scale diapers recycling unit. PNO supported Fater by gaining funding and positioning the project.

October marks the opening of a very special plant: the first industrial-scale diapers recycling unit. On 25 October, the pilot plant has been officially taken into operation. The recycling technology offers a solution to the 6 million tonnes of absorbent hygiene products (AHP) per year that are currently incinerated or land-filled in Europe. Using the technology, nearly 100% of the ingredients of used diapers (separately collected)  can be reused in different manufacturing processes. PNO Consultants has helped develop this project by providing it with specific expertise.

New eco-tech proves feasibility of diapers waste circularity

The new technology was developed by Fater, a joint venture between P&G and the Angelini Group in Italy, following the tests carried out with the waste management company Contarina. The pilot plant demonstrates that it is technically and financially feasible to collect AHP waste (diapers, absorbents) and valorise important parts of this waste stream into its main components (i.e. high-value polyolefins, cellulose, SAP-superabsorbent).

PNO Consultants makes innovation happen

PNO Consultants has made some important contributions to this innovative project. Not in the least by helping Fater gain the necessary funding for this project. We did that also by helping them position the project and think about its unique selling points and support partnering. We developed and helped manage several successful proposals for funding through EU-programmes:

  • the process in which the basics for the current plant were developed (funding through CIP ECO-innovation RECALL)
  • the process in which they enlarged experimentations associated with the autoclave treatment, and process optimization (funding through LIFE VIRGIN)


Photo: PNO’s Andrea Rausa at the opening ceremony in Treviso, Italy

Gala and official opening ceremony

Guests from all over Europe were present at the official opening in the Province of Treviso, Italy. The event started with a gala dinner on 24 October. On the morning of 25 October, an official tape cutting took place, followed by the plant inauguration ceremony.