REE4EU project at the 9th ICEEM edition

On September, 7, the REE4EU project will be presented at the 9th edition of The International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management (ICEEM) during the ‘Parallel Session 1.4: Sustainable waste management and exploitation for chemicals, materials and energy recovery’.

Dr Silvia Colella from CiaoTech/PNO Group will illustrate the preliminary results reached so far and the Stakeholder Analysis carried out in the framework of the project activities.

A short version of the document is available for free in the report called “Value chains stakeholders analysis report” on the REE4EU website. The extended version of this report shows the most influential and active innovators in Europe in the field of Rare Earth Elements, their contact details, and the contact list of other innovators who were involved in previous EU projects: contact us for more information!

Funded in the frame of Horizon 2020 TOPIC SPIRE-07-2015, REE4EU will realize a breakthrough innovation in the field of Recovery Technologies for Metals and other Minerals. For more information about REE4EU, please visit the project website.