France at the heart of INTERREG

INTERREG is an European programme promoting harmonious economic, social and territorial development and the cooperation between local, regional and national actors in Europe. France, geographically located at the heart of Europe, has borders with many European countries and, therefore is involved in the programme.

INTERREG and its three strands

INTERREG is built around three strands of cooperation:

  • Cross-border (Interreg A)
  • Transnational (Interreg B)
  • Interregional (Interreg C)

Our Briefing paper identifies and provides details on all the sub-programmes involving France.

We invite you to download it and contact us if you need our support to prepare a proposal to any of the open calls.

Download the Briefing paper

If you missed our webinar on INTERREG organised in November

You can review the latest webinar on INTERREG here:

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