Share your knowledge and renew educational systems within the European community. This can vary within practical, college and university education with Erasmus+. The goal is to broaden and reinforce shared knowledge and innovations. There is funding available for partnerships, knowledge alliances, policy formations and alliances for sector specific capabilities. Interested already?

Europe, a firm knowledge economy

That is what Erasmus+ is all about, strengthening the knowledge economy of Europe. Erasmus+ aims to achieve this by three core actions. Focused on sharing knowledge and innovation within the education system.

Every action below has their own requirements and goals. Within strategic participations it is essential to collaborate with institutions, or applied science and universities.

1. Mobility of individuals

This gives students and teachers the opportunity to gain knowledge or work experience in foreign countries.

2. Partnerships for the purpose of innovation and exchange of best practices

  • Strategic partnerships that focus on sharing knowledge and knowledge exchanges within businesses and educational institutions to renew and improve educational systems. Think of alliances between institutions of higher education and businesses.
  • Alliances for sector specific capabilities to rejuvenate practical education.
  • Projects for capacity building focused on supporting organisations in their rejuvenating and internalisation process.

3. Supporting policy formation

Think of support for the Open Coordination Method  and collaborations between international organisations.

Is the Erasmus+ suitable for your project?

If you are willing to innovate education, Erasmus+ is meant for you. The amount of grant you can apply for varies per project.

How to apply for Erasmus+

It is not the easiest task, applying for Erasmus+ . No need to stress about it. We are here to help you. Let us discuss the possibilities for your application.

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