Do you work on projects beneficial to the climate and the environment? You might be eligible for the LIFE subsidy. Companies, public organisations and NGOs can receive alluring grants for demonstration and pilot projects. LIFE is divided into two: LIFE Environment and LIFE Climate Action. Curious if LIFE is the programme for your project? We are happy to help you out on this.

LIFE Environment, the ins and outs

Projects concerning the following fields are within scope:

  • Nature and Biodiversity
  • Circular Economy and Quality of Life

Projects can vary in the following forms:

  • Best-practice projects in which proven methods get developed
  • Demonstration and pilot projects in which new methods and approaches need to be further tested and developed
  • Communication projects that are, for example, meant to increase awareness

How to apply for LIFE Environment

An important change in LIFE Environment in comparison to previous years is that the application now consists of two phases. This two-step application process goes as following:

Phase 1: concept note
In this note you convincingly present your project. Please note, this must be within 10 pages. After passing phase 1 you can continue to phase 2.

Phase 2: filing an elaborate application
After getting your concept note approved, there might be suggestions that improve your second round chances. This is where you file the improved and complete application.

The downside of this two-step application is that there is a lot of competition between applicants. Therefore you must ensure that your concept note should be sufficient for the project to be accepted already. Only the best concept notes make it to phase 2 for complete application.

LIFE Climate Action, the ins and outs

Projects concerning the following fields are within scope:

  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
  • Clean Energy Transition

How to apply for LIFE Climate Action

Applying for LIFE Climate Action only consists of one phase, the elaborate phase. Because of the notably smaller budget for LIFE Climate Action, competition between the applicants plays a significant role. Therefore, an ‘outstanding application’ is the shortest route to a LIFE Climate Action success.

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