Horizon Europe

If you work in research and innovation you probably have heard of this programme already. As the successor of Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe will begin in 2021. With a proposed budget of 100 billion euro, Horizon Europe promises to address all future societal issues.

Horizon Europe vs Horizon 2020, the difference?

Horizon 2020s best practices led the European Commission to add various improvements to the programme. This sets the programme ahead of its predecessor. Therefore, the new and improved programme Horizon Europe has already caused controversy.

horizon europe

Key facts on Horizon Europe

  • Duration of the programme: 2021 – 2027
  • Related bodies: creation of the European Innovation Council
  • Budget: 100 billion euro
  • Main programme pillars
    • Open Science
    • Global Challenges and Industrial Competitiveness
    • Open Innovation
  • Targeted Clusters
    • Health
    • Inclusive and Secure Society
    • Digital and Industry
    • Climate, Energy and Mobility
    • Food and Natural Resources
  • Closer collaboration with other EU programmes, such as the European Defence Fund, Digital Europe Programme and Connecting Europe Facility Digital

New features for Horizon Europe

  • European Innovation Council: support of cutting-edge innovation
  • Increased impact trough mission oriented approach and citizen participation
  • Open innovation
  • New approach to partnerships
  • Simplified regulations and less administrative constraints

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