Interreg is a grant scheme for sustainability projects and innovations that strengthen Europe. Examples include projects in the field of (eco-)innovation, sustainable energy and efficient use of resources. The grant scheme is also intended to reduce the economic differences between European regions. That is why Interreg is eager to see cooperation across borders within different European regions.


Interreg aims to stimulate innovative cooperation between (border) regions, in order to make Europe smarter and greener and to reduce economic differences between regions.


Interreg themes are:

  • health
  • environment
  • research & education
  • transport & mobility
  • sustainable energy
  • efficient use of natural resources and materials.


Interreg provides grants from a number of programmes, each with a specific objective. The programmes are subdivided by size of the cooperation area and by regions in Europe. The Netherlands participates in the following programmes:

  • Interreg A: cross-border cooperation
    • Flanders-Netherlands
    • Germany-Netherlands
    • Euregio Meuse-Rhine
    • 2 Seas (until 2023)
  • Interreg B: transnational cooperation
    • North-West Europe
    • North Sea Region
  • Interreg C: interregional cooperation
    • Interreg Europe
    • Interact
    • URBACT
    • ESPON

Interreg focuses on the following target groups:

  • governments (national government, province, municipality, water board)
  • knowledge institutions (universities, colleges)
  • businesses
  • development companies
  • non-profit institutions
  • non-profit private parties.

You are eligible for a grant from one of the programmes in the following cases:

  • You work together with at least one or (often) more partners in other European countries, or you are open to such cooperation.
  • Your project is in line with the objectives of that specific programme.

The preparation of an Interreg project proposal obviously costs time and money. To take away the financial uncertainty, you can apply for a contribution towards the preparation costs via the Project Incentive Scheme (in Dutch: PSR, Projectstimuleringsregeling).

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