Cluster Hub for production of materials for batteries from European resources

The idea to establish a permanent clustering hub originated in November 2022 during the 7th edition of the Raw Materials Week. At this event, eight EU-funded projects convened for a workshop bearing the same name: “Production of raw materials for batteries from European sources”, which was organised by PNO Innovation Belgium, on behalf of  projects  CROCODILERHINOCEROS and LiCORNE The positive reception and enthusiastic interest from stakeholders encouraged the European Commission to embrace the proposal for a permanent Clustering Hub.

Knowledge exchange platform

The Cluster Hub called “Production of raw materials from European resources” was developed as a collaborative platform for various partners involved in European projects. These partners include private companies, support organisations, experts, universities and research institutes. The purpose of this hub is to facilitate knowledge exchange, enabling participants to identify and discuss common topics related to their projects and the production of materials for batteries. Additionally, the hub aims to promote synergies that can drive innovations for the recycling of batteries and the production of raw materials for battery applications from primary and secondary resources available in Europe.

More information about the initial Clustering event, organised in November 2022, can be found in this article.

Paving the way to a European battery industry

European investment in batteries holds great significance due to their crucial role in advancing sustainable energy and transportation in the region. Lithium-ion batteries (LiBs) have become a popular choice not only in consumer electronics but also in the development of low-emission vehicle fleets, stationary storage systems, and even aerospace applications. As Europe strives to promote sustainability, there is a growing regulatory momentum that introduces new standards and requirements for the environmental and circular aspects of batteries. In this context, battery research and innovation projects play a pivotal role by offering technological solutions aligned with the new legislative framework outlined in the Batteries Regulation. These projects are well-positioned to contribute to the development of sustainable and circular battery solutions, ensuring compliance with the evolving regulatory landscape in Europe.

Mission & Objectives

Today, the Cluster Hub “Production of raw materials for batteries from European sources” is a collaboration-driven community sharing the same mission – to foster the knowledge necessary to drive a more sustainable and circular production of raw materials for the European battery industry.

illustration reflecting the mission of the Cluster Hub "Production of raw materials for batteires from European resources"

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