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TRAINING 1:  Finances in Horizon 2020 & Horizon Europe

Not sure if your policies and procedures are fully in line with the EC rules? Looking to avoid uncertainty and risks?  Involvement of staff with a profound understanding of the H2020 financial rules is key to ensure a solid project administration and prevent potential cost rejections. This module offers participants dedicated training in H2020 finances, addressing a wide range of topics such as cost eligibility rules, audit preparation and budget management. In addition, it presents a first view on the financial novelties introduced under Horizon Europe. 

Finances in Horizon 2020 & Horizon Europe: Essentials teaches participants how to navigate the Grant Agreement and translate the EU  funding rules into their day-to-day financial management. 

• H2020: programme overview and project lifecycle
• Contractual basis: Grant Agreement vs. Consortium Agreement
• From proposal to Annex 2: processing budgets in the Funding & Tenders Portal
• Budget management and transfers
• Action types and forms of cost
• Cost categories and eligibility rules: personnel costs, other direct costs, subcontracting
• Third parties in H2020: differences and risks
• Financial reporting: obligations and practice
• Audits, reviews and checks: what and when
• Common financial errors and how to avoid them
• Examples and best practices in financial management 

• Finances in Horizon Europe: new Corporate Model Grant Agreement and novelties


TARGET AUDIENCE: H2020 project managers, research administrators, project advisors, financial controllers, contract managers, researchers, administrative support staff

TRAINING 2: H2020 Project Manager: full training package

Are you certain that you or your staff have the necessary know-how to successfully manage all aspects of a Horizon 2020 project? Do you fully understand all contractual obligations and the project management functionalities of the Funding & Tenders Portal? Do you have the right tools in place to manage a complex international consortium? 

Managing a Horizon 2020 project poses many challenges and requires a sound understanding of rules and project management techniques. A well-equipped Project Manager is a vital prerequisite to avoid common pitfalls and deliver impactful project results. 

H2020 Project Manager - Full Training Package offers participants a thorough all-round training, tailored to the specific needs of H2020 Project Managers. It covers a broad set of subjects: from grant preparation to reporting, from amendments to project communication. 

• H2020: programme overview and project lifecycle
• From proposal to Grant Agreement: mastering the grant preparation process
• Consortium Agreement: overview and tips for a smooth negotiation
• Being the coordinator: GA obligations and how to manage a consortium
• Funding & Tenders Portal: IT-tools, functionalities and integration in project management
• Technical reporting, reviews and deliverables
• Financial reporting and eligibility rules
• Amendments: what, when and how
• Dissemination, communication and exploitation: how to create lasting impact
• EC liaison: keeping your Project Officer happy
• Templates, tools and best practices for effective project management
• Managing a MSCA Innovative Training Network (ITN): obligations and best practices
• EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs): overview, differences and practical tips 

DURATION: 1 day 

TARGET AUDIENCE: H2020 project managers, project coordinators, principal investigators, research administrators, project advisors, grant advisors, EU liaison officers, public funding managers

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Finances in Horizon 2020 & Horizon Europe

H2020 Project Manager: full training package

Horizon Europe: What to expect & how to prepare

About PNO

PNO is Europe’s leading innovation consultancy and supports ambitious companies and their innovative ideas by providing funding and innovation intelligence services. Throughout the years of its existence, PNO has gained significant expertise on (public) funding at regional, national, and European levels. With its services, PNO supports start-ups, established SME’s, large enterprises and universities across all research disciplines and sectors. In this way, the company has expanded its network of innovative companies and other relevant stakeholders like investors, ecosystems, and local governments. 

In-house trainings - Tailored to your needs 
On request, in-house trainings at your premises can be offered. In addition, our trainings can be combined or personalised. They can for instance be adapted to focus on the most relevant funding instrument for your organisation (e.g. EIC, EIT, MSCA ITN, ERC). 

Contact us for more information: 

Lukas Lanneau 
+32 494 66 49 21

Kris Limpens 
+32 479 66 11 04

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PNO Innovation Training Terms & Conditions
Enrollment and payment
• Enrollment to a training is possible through submission of the online enrollment form.
• Once the minimum number of participants for a training session is reached, the training session will be confirmed.
• Indicated enrollment fees are exclusive of VAT.
• The participant will receive an invoice with instructions and due date for payment of the enrollment fee.
• Participation to a training is only confirmed after the payment in full of the enrollment fee has been received. The participant will receive an e-mail to confirm his enrollment. 

Cancellation policy
•  If a training is cancelled by PNO Innovation (e.g. due to force majeure), participants will be entitled to a full reimbursement of their enrollment fee.
• If participation to a training is cancelled by the participant, the participant must inform PNO Innovation via e-mail to:
• Cancellations closer than 2 weeks before the start of a training are only entitled to a reimbursement of 50% of the enrollment fee. If a participant is unable to attend, the participant’s organisation is allowed to mandate a substitute participant to attend instead. PNO Innovation must be informed of such change prior to the training. 

Other conditions
• Any training materials received in context of a training are for personal use only. Use for commercial purposes is not allowed.
• It is prohibited to copy, share, publish or otherwise make available (internally or externally) any training materials received in the context of a training without prior approval of PNO Innovation.
• It is not allowed to make any photos, videos or audio recordings of a training or training materials without prior approval of PNO innovation. 

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TRAINING 3: Horizon Europe: what to expect & how to prepare

The final preparations for Horizon Europe, the successor of the Horizon 2020 programme, are at full speed. Have you heard of terms like Missions, Strategic Plan and EIC, but are you not sure what they entail? Curious to learn how the programme is taking shape and how it differs from Horizon 2020? Want to make sure that your organisation is fully prepared in time for the first Horizon Europe calls?

Horizon Europe: what to expect and how to prepare guides participants trough the Horizon Europe design process and key programme elements. It provides the latest insights on the changes and novelties in terms of funding instruments, implementation rules and finances. It highlights the most important tools and resources to allow organisations and their administration to prepare for the new programme. 

• From MFF to Strategic Plan and Work Programme: how the new programme is shaped
• Horizon Europe: pillar structure and funding instruments
• Evolution or revolution: what is changing and what is not
• Missions, Clusters, EIC, European Partnerships and other key novelties
• Implementation Strategy: changes in proposal submission & project management
• The new Corporate Model Grant Agreement
• Finances: novelties, simplified forms of costs, and impact for your administration
• Organising for success: tools and resources to prepare your organisation for Horizon Europe 


TARGET AUDIENCE: EU project managers, project coordinators, principal investigators, research administrators, project advisors, grant advisors, EU liaison officers, public funding managers, business developers, policy officers, financial controllers, contract managers, researchers, managers

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All trainings will be held online – EUR 600 (excl. VAT) per participant